About us

KNC Real Estate is probably the most successful company in the industry. They are specialists who guarantee transaction security, efficiency and professionalism, and all intermediaries have the knowledge and skills acquired during training, confirmed by an exam and corporate licenses of the KNC network.

The company started its activity in 1997, has a strong and established brand, enjoys the opinion of a reliable and reliable company, which is the result of constant care for improving the quality of services - confirmed in 2008 by the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management certificate.

KNC provides comprehensive services for the sale, purchase and rental of all real estate, prepares the transaction, and acts as an intermediary in obtaining loans and real estate insurance. He mediates in valuations and geodetic divisions. It helps to regulate legal status and provides many additional services to its clients.

Our company is recognized and trusted. We want not only to maintain our position, but also to constantly strengthen it. Starting from 2008, the company is also developing globally, offering an attractive franchise offer. Currently, KNC Nieruchomości has many branches throughout the country.