Open your own KNC Real Estate office!

From our observations and sales results & nbsp; shows that the real estate market is accelerating.
This is the perfect time to open your own real estate office under the banner of KNC Nieruchomości!
After several years of stagnation, we observe a steady increase in sales and increasing demand on the Polish real estate sale and rental market. All offices of KNC Nieruchomości are observing a significant revival and increase in turnover.
That is why we decided to restart the company's development through franchise.
We invite both brokers who already run real estate offices and people interested in starting such activity. It is also a great idea to diversify and expand your business for people working in a different industry.

    What can we offer you in return?

  1. Access to know-how developed by KNC during 21 years of existence on the real estate market and proven by us in practice, including the organizational structure, management principles and the way of running the office, standards of the commercial offer, model contracts concluded with clients and associates, standards dealing with individual, institutional and many other clients.

  2. Access to a database of many thousands of real estate offers (most in the form of exclusivity) and to databases of serious and proven clients in Poland and abroad.

  3. Free training system. Theoretical and practical training completed with an exam, after which the corporate license and professional qualifications for the KNC Nieruchomości network are issued.

  4. Access to verified documentation, especially to well-designed brokerage agreements, without abusive clauses, adapted to the GDPR.

  5. Minimizing the cost of advertising materials.

  6. Free specialized online software IMO, WSN & nbsp; and & nbsp; own site for each franchisee.

  7. Free access to offer exchange systems: MLS WSN and IMO MLS.

  8. Free advertising and free export of offers to many real estate portals.

  9. Increasing the base of offers and the base of searchers, which guarantees maximization of profits and increases the number of transactions.

  10. Assistance and professional advice in the correct assessment of emerging problems and minimizing the risk of errors, assistance in carrying out activities in the field of real estate transactions - legal, substantive and accounting, assistance in debt collection, assistance in recruiting employees and selecting premises.

  11. Ability to earn additional income by compiling all kinds of market analyzes and reports based on databases and sales records with twenty years of history.

  12. One-time license fee guaranteeing a partnership agreement.

  13. And many other facilities, tools and possibilities that we will present to you at the information meeting.

The franchise agreement we propose is a partnership contract, always bringing tangible benefits and profits to both parties of this contract.
Currently, we have twelve branches in Poland. They all work & nbsp; continuously in our network for many years being successful in the real estate market. If you want references, call any branch.
Are you interested in our offer? Do you have any questions? Call us!

Rafał Stec

phone: 728491864